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Six Survive & Thrive Workshops
for Kyogle Small Business Owners
to be held at The Business Hive in Kyogle
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Workshop 4 Stress Management for Small Business Owners

Wednesday 12 October 6 pm – 7.30 pm 

Are you running your small business or is it running you?

If you answered "yes" then this workshop is just for you.


Do you feel stressed most of the time, overwhelmed, exhausted? Are you operating more on a day to day basis and no time to step back and focus on the bigger picture of where you want your business to be? And how would you rate your work life balance? Good, average, poor? Or no balance at all?

You are not alone. Running your own business was always going to be stressful, but continually high levels with no time to recover can lead to burn out and an inability to work at all.

What are the physical and mental signs of work-related stress and how much is too much before it begins to affect your bottom line, your productivity and efficiency, your brand and reputation?

If you think your customers (and staff) can’t tell you are always stressed, then think again. They can sense the negative, prickly energy that comes with irritability and anxiety. Will they go somewhere else where the atmosphere is calmer, more positive and welcoming? A rival business where they don’t feel such a burden when they give you work or fearful to ask when a job will be finished?

Don’t wait to find out. Join me for this practical hands on workshop where I show you how to identify and manage your stress levels with simple but effective techniques to use at work including deep breathing exercises, mindfulness and meditation and gentle restorative yoga postures to help you unwind at the end of the long day.

Do you want to take back control of your small business and work life balance?
The first step starts here.

All exercises are for beginners and no prior experience is necessary.
Cost is $10.

Need help right now or want more information on workplace stress? Click on the links below:

Workshop 3 Wednesday 21 September 6 pm to 7.30 pm at The Business Hive in Kyogle.

Setting boundaries in the workplace. Having uncomfortable conversations. Stepping outside your comfort zone. Taking back control of your work life balance.

This hands on workshop will focus on difficult conversations you simply must have as a small business owner. Be it with overly demanding clients, customers who continually arrive late or don’t pay on time, unreliable or unmotivated employees or even problem suppliers, as the owner of a small business the buck stops with you to set the boundaries for what is and isn’t acceptable in your business.

What you can and can’t do. What you will and won’t tolerate. What deadline and timeframe you can and can’t meet. What service you can and can’t deliver.

All said with a smile. Every time.

Why is it so hard to establish boundaries in a small business? Because the temptation is to say “yes” to everyone and accept unreasonable demands and behaviour. From Day One and then for ever more.

Why? Fear your business will fail. Fear you will lose clients. Fear they will go elsewhere.

But starting out by always saying “yes” and allowing yourself to be pushed around sends the message that you are ok with it. Weak or easily broken boundaries means anyone who interacts with your business can impose their demands upon you. You said yes once, so they expect a yes every time. For ever more.

What else happens if you don’t set firm boundaries? The very real risk of burnout.

Swamped and overwhelmed with your work and no work life balance to talk about.

To survive long term in business means to have great customers who know and respect your boundaries, motivated staff who appreciate the consistency, fairness and transparency of their job and an enthusiastic business owner who loves what they do and does what they love while still having time for a life outside of work.

Do you need to set boundaries, adjust old ones, practise difficult conversations and learn to push back? Then this workshop is for you. There will be plenty of role playing in a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can learn valuable skills to take back to your workplace to set a new standard of practice going forward.

And start to get your work life balance back.


Please contact Julia Bianco from eloquence business coaching to register your interest for this workshop. Cost is $10.


Phone: 0428 498 198

Want to know more about me and what I do? Information on my website

 and Facebook page

This workshop was held in July 2022. If you wish to book a repeat of this workshop, please contact me.


Workshop 2: Building A Business Plan 

10 questions every small business owner needs to ask themselves:

  1. Do I have a clear vision for my business? Do I know where I want it to be in 12 months, 2 years and 5 years?

  2. What are the strengths of my business?

  3. What is my unique selling proposition? My competitive advantage?

  4. How well do I monitor my competitors? What do we do better than them? What do they do better than us?

  5. Am I across changes and trends in customer behaviour and expectations? Am I confident about adapting to changes?

  6. Do I know what weaknesses and barriers are preventing the business growing?

  7. Can I pinpoint what we are not good at and what we need to do to address those areas?

  8. Am I prepared for internal and external forces which can impact my business?

  9. Can I adapt quickly if needed?

  10. Do I have a clear plan of action to move forward? What are my key strategies and goals to work on over the next 12 months?


And finally, the most important question of all:

11. Do I have a business plan?

If you do, then keep humming and zooming along confidently with your business on track to thrive, not just survive.

If you struggled to answer the questions, then join me for Workshop 2 where I will show you how to build your own business plan including developing your vision, mission and core values, analyse your internal strengths and weaknesses, prepare for external opportunities and threats (SWOT) and set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely goals (SMART).

Wednesday 20 July 6 pm at The Business Hive in Kyogle

Leaves Shadow

Remember: Small businesses don’t plan to fail. They fail to plan.

                     Six Survive & Thrive Workshops for Kyogle Small Business Owners.


Want to have your own business, but not sure where to start?

Been running yours for a few years, but that wonky wheel is keeping you in the slow lane?

Exhausted from trying to balance the books and pay yourself a decent wage?

Want to expand and grow but just can’t climb to the next level?


Or simply so tired from keeping your business alive that you could sleep for 100 years?


You are not alone in thinking it’s a tough gig going out on your own.


In fact, around 20 per cent of new small businesses in Australia will fail in their first year and up to 60 per cent will not survive beyond five years of launching.


Scary statistics, but it does not have to be so.


There are very clear reasons why so many small businesses hit the wall and failure can be avoided if you know what you are doing.


Join us for a Series of Six Workshops presented by business coach and small business owner, Julia Bianco, and guest speaker, Chartered Accountant and Chief Financial Officer, Loris Bianco.


The Workshops will be held at The Business Hive in Kyogle and will cover a range of topics including:


  • The key reasons small businesses fail and how not be a statistic

  • Why you need rock solid business systems from day one

  • The importance of building a business plan so you know where the business is going and how you will get it there

  • How to do regular health checks of your business and manage internal and external risk

  • How to really understand cash flow and keep track of money in and money out

  • Why you need to identify your target market and develop a market strategy that will reach them

  • How to deliver top notch customer service even when you say “no”

  • The absolute importance of stress-management and self-care to avoid burn out



                 Remember: Small Businesses Don’t Plan to Fail. They Simply Fail to Plan.


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