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I know first hand what's involved in setting up and running a small business.


How do I know? Because I have done it 3 times. 4 really. More about me later.


What's important is that, as an experienced small business owner and business coach, I know exactly what you are going through. 



Because the journey of the small business owner is the same. The highs and lows. The ebbs and flows. The laughter and tears. The worry and fears. Sometimes all those emotions at the same time which can be overwhelming. 

It's a tough gig for sure setting up and running and then continuing to run your own small business. Day after day after day.


At some point we need guidance and support.


That's where I come in. 

I am a trained business coach, worked as a business consultant specialising in Change Management & Customer Service and had careers in the following professions during my 30 year working life:

Journalism (Wollongong & Sydney)

Television production (Sydney)

Advertising (Sydney)

Retail and hospitality (London)

Real estate (Sydney)

Business English teacher (Asia, Europe and North Africa)

Academic English Teacher, Student Advisor & Customer Service Manager Student Services, University of Wollongong College

I got a taste of running my own small business way back in 2009 when I saw a gap in the market for quality homestay accommodation for international students keen to live with Australian families and experience our culture and language first hand. 

Several years later my second business emerged when I became the "K9 mum" of two gorgeous beagle puppies and couldn't find sufficiently stylish and beautiful accessories for them, so started up "divinek9 collections". The business specialised in handmade beds and quilted jackets as well as sourcing quality colourful bowls, leads and collars fit for any four legged king and queen (or Bertie and Princess beagle).


This side hustle organically grew into my last business "divinek9ine homestay" providing accommodation for pampered pooches whose owners like me could not bear to board them in a kennel when they went away. The dogs romped around our small farm outside of Canberra during the day, slept on day beds on the veranda or snuggled up in front of the roaring fire at night or more often than not, on our couch or bed. divinek9ine homestay was designed to be a home away from home for beloved family dogs and it was spot on. 

In 2021, we made the 1000 km trek to Kyogle to live amongst the rainforest and try a different, more temperate, green and lush way of life and know we have found our forever home.

Bertie and Princess are in their twilight years now, enjoying a slower pace of life. Even the 2 maremmas have retired from protecting their small flock of sheep and come happily inside to enjoy the solar powered air conditioning.

Me? I am not retiring just yet! Instead I am passing on my experience as a business coach and small business owner to you, just like those coaches and mentors who guided me in the past.

Being a small business owner is hard work. Reach out to me when the time is right for you. 

Remember: small businesses don't plan to fail. They simply fail to plan.









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julia bianco

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